Process & Equipment
Production Equipment
Unisen Ltd. is an established Contract Manufacturer in the electronics industry. It is fully equipped and staffed to do the job right, on time and at a competitive price.
Unisen Ltd. is located at HuangJiang Town, DongGuang of GuangDong Province in PRC. It is about 40 miles away from Hong Kong. We also have a R&D Department at factory, China and Customer Service Department in Hong Kong respectively.
Unisen Ltd. has created one of the finest manufacturing facilities with more than 35,000 sq. ft. including Quality Assurance, Manufacturing, Engineering and Testing Departments.
Process and Equipment
Unisen Ltd. has complete SMT assembly process for Type I.II & III technologies .Its equipments include the following machines and systems:
  • Semi-auto screen printer
  • High speed dispenser
  • SMT pick &place machines,with capacity of more than 500,000 components
  • per day
  • Full convection reflow oven
  • Dual-wave soldering machine
  • Vapour degreaser
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